Meet the Duolingo verified Streamers

Duolingo streamers are Insiders (part of the Global Ambassador program, just like Hosts and Contributors). They are not language experts, nor are they language teachers. They are multilingual, or learning a second language, and encourage their viewers to practice the languages they know in the Twitch chat. These are people who agreed to share a part of their day to offer our community a way to engage with foreign languages. They want to provide somewhere fun for you to listen, practice, and learn your chosen language. See them live at


CJayride is an IRL (in real life) streamer based out of Korea. His streams are all about culture, entertainment, and his life. He speaks English and Chinese, and is in the process of learning Korean and Japanese.
Duolingo: CJayride // Twitch: cjayride


HOAIartworks is a creative digital art streamer based out of Canada. He creates a variety of content, but is well-known for his “Bighead” characters. He speaks English, and knows some Japanese and Vietnamese.
Duolingo: // Twitch: hoaiartworks


JayStreazy is an IRL travel streamer based out of London. His streams include trips to local restaurants, interactions with locals, and visits to landmarks. Recently, Jay has streamed his travels to Budapest and Croatia. He speaks English and French, and knows a little bit of Spanish. He is interested in learning Japanese and German.
Duolingo: jaystreazy // Twitch: jaystreazy


Kairi is a professional CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player for Team Heretics. You can often find him streaming his practice matches of CS:GO. He speaks Spanish and English, and resides in Spain.
Duolingo: DaviddeMig7 // Twitch: wkairi


Kalon is a variety streamer based out of Japan. Although his game-of-choice is Warframe, he also enjoys action and fighting games, as well as streaming IRL content. He speaks Japanese, Chinese, and English, but admits he is always working to improve his secondary languages.
Duolingo: kalon455069 // Twitch: kalon75


KenRhen describes his streams as a “real-time webinar” for all things League of Legends. As the League caster for PG esports, he analyzes every aspect of the game and its players for his viewers. He speaks Italian and English.
Duolingo: KenRhen // Twitch: kenrhen


Kitty is a gaming streamer based out of France. She mainly plays first-person shooter (FPS) games, her favorite being Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. She speaks French, English, and a bit of German.
Duolingo: kittyr6 // Twitch: kitty_r6


Mickan is a variety streamer that focuses mainly on Just Chatting and gaming streams, including open-world games and musical games. Although originally from Spain, she now lives in Italy and can speak Spanish, Italian, English, and Catalan, and is excited to help others learn as well.
Duolingo: Mickanplays // Twitch: mickanplays

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MiloshtheMedic is an esports variety streamer that focuses mainly on Rainbow Six Siege, and other first-person shooters (FPS). Currently residing in Poland, he is a commentator for ESL, and an outspoken polyglot. He speaks mostly Arabic, French, and English, but he is currently learning German.
Duolingo: Ghassan971922 // Twitch: miloshthemedic


NerdOrDie is a streamer and graphics-maker based out of the United States. Although he streams a variety of content, NerdOrDie enjoys creating tutorials and playing games for his audience. He speaks English, and is currently learning Spanish and Japanese.
Duolingo: Fakebook // Twitch: nerdordie


SpecNStats is a streamer based out of ---- that is famous for his Legend of Zelda speedrunning. SpecsNStats speaks English, but is learning Japanese to be able to more efficiently speedrun.
Duolingo: Specs956745 // Twitch: specsnstats


TakiiGG_ is a shooter streamer, mainly streaming PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG). Although he is currently based out of Germany, his audience mainly resides in his home country of Tunisia. He speaks Arabic (in the Tunisian dialect), along with English, French, and German.
Duolingo: TakiiGG // Twitch: takiigg_


Toastie202 is an IRL/variety streamer based out of London. Although she mainly streams cooking, she streams other IRL content like her travels, and she occasionally streams Twitch Sings and CS:GO. She speaks English, and is working on her French.
Duolingo: tunatoastie // Twitch: toastie202


Viancyy is a variety streamer based in Arkansas. While she focuses mainly on playing Fortnite, she also enjoys adventure and horror games, and likes to stream IRL content. She speaks both English and Spanish fluently, and is excited to brush up on her French.
Duolingo: Viancyy // Twitch: viancyy